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Baby Gear

For your convenience and the comfort of your little ones, we offer pack and plays and booster seats for rent.

Pack and Play

  • $45 Weekly Rental Fee

  • $50 Delivery Fee

Booster Seat

  • $35 Weekly Rental Fee

  • $50 Delivery Fee


We will generate an invoice with the cost of your baby gear.  Payment of the invoice will hold your reservation for your baby gear.

 Thank you for renting our baby gear.  We do not require a deposit on our baby gear.  If the equipment you rented is returned broken or can no longer be safely used or if items are missing you will be charged for the replacement of these items. 

Replacement Costs:

  • Pack and Play $129.99

  • Booster Chair $52.00

Paying invoice is acknowledgement of our rental return policy.

Invoices are due upon receipt.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Clients may cancel orders at any time BUT

fees are only refundable with 96 hours cancellation notice.