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The Mother daughter Team

Coleen & Keli

Coleen O'Malley & Keli Newhall

share a joy for life and a love of their coastal community of Gulf County, FL. These two work hard, laugh until their sides hurt and finish each other's sentences.

Coleen is a nurse with 25 years of healthcare experience in nursing, long-term care, assisted living and home health.

Keli has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business from the prestigious Bangor University in the UK and also attended the University of

Mary Washington in Virginia. 

Coleen and Keli found that grocery shopping kept local vacation renters from beginning the fun immediately upon arrival. They discovered that vacation property owners and managers wanted to provide added value to their guests. 

This mother and daughter team created

Vacation Prep Squad! They get to work together to improve vacation renters' experiences while helping local businesses.

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