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Serving Vacation Property Renters

in Gulf County, Florida

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Groceries, Necessities & Beach Gear
WAiting for you

Vacation Prep squad!

  • We are safe serve certified.

  • Our co-founder is a nurse with 25 years of experience in health care.

  • We adhere to COVID-19 safety measures.

  • We are Insured.

  • We are property owners.

  • We are long-term members of the gulf county community.

  • We are professionals.

  • We are ambassadors of Gulf County.

  • We build trust with property owners and management firms.

our story

go to the beach

not the grocery store

Major Grocery Stores are an hour away

Here's how it works

Ready? OK!

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Book your vacation rental property, 

Then contact us and we'll make it easy.

Tell us what you want stocked & waiting for you when you arrive,

Then relax and enjoy your flight or drive.

Because you will know you won't have to go to any store,

Your vacation can start when you open your door.


NO STore

Just OPen the door

Serving Vacation Rental Properties throughout

Gulf County, Florida

Cape San Blas    Indian Pass    Mexico Beach    Port St Joe    St Joe Beach

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Thanks! A Vacation Prep Squad Prep Captain will be in touch soon!

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